Thursday, July 14, 2016

Day 10 to 20 of the ICAD challenge.

I have been doing the Daisy Yellow Index card challenge. This is my third year and I really enjoy the challenge of doing a small index card art every day for the months of June and July. I am up to day 39 but here are number 10 to 20 of my Index cards to show on my blog. If you would like to follow me on Instagram at @sandybeachart I have been putting them up on there daily.  

#11 Baseball 
I drew a baseball and bats and then decided to make it a man. So I dug through some collage to find black and white images. I smeared 2 different shades of blue for the background with a baby wipe.  

#12 Television

#13 Off prompt 
Sometimes I just like to draw and over the next week I did that a lot. 

#14 off prompt
#15 Bouquet 
Painted with my DecoArt acrylic paints.

#16 Off prompt

#17 Landscape
I gave him a moon landscape. 

#18 Orange
Collage and DecoArt paints. Flowers and spots. 

#19 Snowflake 
Thought I would do a tangled snowflake.

#20 Off prompt
Doodles and collage. 

So there you go 20 days covered on here so far and I have loved doing it. Only 23 days to go for me so will link up the next 10 by next week.

Linking this up with Paint Party Friday. Hi everyone will be popping around to see what you have all been up to.. 

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Friday, July 8, 2016

A Girl and her Cat...

Today for the Helmar Creative Team and I go into more details over there.  I re-created an art journal page that I had recently done and I really liked the colour and design of and thought it would be nice to have it on my wall in my art room.

I have not changed this much, but I did not just want to have a copy from my printer on my wall. I liked the way the girl looked with her dress. I had no problem with painting the cat or the flowers again as I have been doing those a lot. I just liked the shape of the girl and the way the dress looked. So thought I would copy her on my printer from my art journal and pop her on the painted background. So I painted the whole background of the spread again on a canvas with the cat. I just used the same DecoArt paints and blended the colours the same way.

I made a copy of my art journal page and with the Helmar Decoupage and Craft Paste I spread it on the back of the fussy cut girl and on the painted canvas.

 Using the paint and glue spreader I smoothed out all the bubbles.

I am happy that I can now hang this on my wall and see it and it's not only in my art journal. Now I am looking at what else I have in my art journals that I might like to copy and pop on my wall.

Linking this up with Paint Party Friday and off to see what you have all been up to this week.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

A girl and her cat..

Recently I did this trying out something that I had not tried with the Acrylic paints. I normally do this technique with watercolours but not with acrylic paints.

I sat down and just drew straight on the paper pages, no Gesso first. I love drawing those cats. This one looks very quizzical. I always sketch in my sketch book, drawing what I feel like at the time but not in my art journal. Well I draw in my art journal but it is always over the top of a background, then add gesso and then paint the image I am going to have on the top. That is what I did different this time.  I drew in my art journal and then I added the paints, like I would with watercolour. Leaving a white gap around all the drawing. I really like the way the white is around everything. I blended about 4 colours of DecoArt Americana paints into the background trying to give it some interest. Then of course I added some splatters of white on the top. Added some dangles in the corner, I love doing those and they seem to pop up on a page here and there in my art journal. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing a page in my art journal. I am busy working on the ICAD challenge and will pop the next 10 of those up this Friday. 

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Heart Wall Hanging

For the Helmar Creative Team (more pictures and details on the Helmar page)
 I have made a wall hanging out of a wood scrap. I love making my own embellishments for my art and for this I made a heart with crackle and paper layers.  

I painted a layer of Gesso and then used some Modeling paste through a Tim Holtz Argyle stencil to get the triangles.  Decoart Sea Breeze painted over the top and then I used my fingers and lightly added Desert Turqoise over the top of the texture. I added some Gesso to some gauze and cut some hessian to size for under the heart.

Then added some DecoArt paint and then crackle glaze to the cut out heart. When the cracks appeared I rubbed in some Antiquing cream in white to enhance the cracks.

For the wire work. I got my pliers and the wire and fitted it over the side of the heart just wrapping it around and around. I then gathered up some paper beads and wired them up too. Hubby drilled and placed the eyelets for me. I just popped dots so he knew were they had to go.

I got my typewriter out and added a quote to the side with Helmar Decoupage and Craft Paste, just adds that little element that I like. The quote reads 'We fall in love by chance, we stay in love by choice'.

Time for assembly. Using the Helmar Tacky Glue I layered the hessian and then the gauze.

Then because of the wire I used the Helmar liquid scrap dots. That worked perfectly to hold the wire and give me the dimension that I needed for the heart to sit straight with the wire underneath.

Grabbed a word band from my stash and added the gear with more of the Helmar Liquid scrap dots. It really is the perfect thing for when things just can't sit flat. Added wire to the top and my strung paper beads and glittery beads with little birdcage to the bottom.
So hope you liked my wall hanging today. I sure had fun making it and doing all the little elements.

I am linking this up with Paint Party Friday

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :)

Friday, June 17, 2016

My ICAD 2016

#1 Mixed tape
I have been doing the Daisy Yellow Index card challenge. This is my third year and I really enjoy the challenge of doing a small index card art every day for the months of June and July. I am up to day 15 so here are my first 10 cards. Will post the next 10 next week.

#2 Pyramid
#3 Snoopy

#4 Typewriter
#5 Cloud

#6 Top Ten List

#7 Off Prompt
#8 Island
#9 Compass
#10 Cobalt Blue
Posting this up for Paint Party Friday. Love going around and seeing what everyone else is up to. Might find some other Index card art.

Have a great day.
Vicki-Ann :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I printed out some new collage sheets from The Artstronauts Club. Always awesome to play with some of Teesha's collage sheets and lots of scraps from magazines and prints of my art cut up. Its fun to see what you can put together to make a page. I thought this kind of looked like it was underwater so tried to find a quote with water in it. Thought this quote worked well.

You must live in the present,
launch yourself on every wave,
find your eternity in each moment.
By Henry David Thoreau.

I had a painted background with some DecoArt Americana paints. Loved the colours but it has been done for a while and have not known what to do next. Till today and just started playing with collage. Have not done any collage for months, felt good to get the scissors out and create some new characters.

This is before the quote. I nearly just left it like this but I do like it with the quote added.

Have a great day
Vicki-Ann :) 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ICAD 2016 is coming..

I am getting excited. Its nearly time for this years Index Card A Day challenge with Tammy and all the wonderful group over at Daisy Yellow. It starts on June the 1st so not long. 
I always enjoy the challenge of a little small art on an Index card, with a prompt every day. It is not a daunting size and to be able to do anything and not even follow the prompt if you like, is just fun. I always create something that I would never do otherwise and I have fun copying them on the printer to use in my collage art afterwards. Gives me so many images to have fun with. 

This will be the 3rd year that I have participated here are a few of my favourites of the index cards that I have done so far.


So grab some index cards and join in the fun, hope to see you there. 

Have a great day
Sandy :) aka Vicki-Ann :)