Sunday, March 1, 2015

My blog turned 3 and a giveaway...

Lonely Cards turned 3 today!

We hope it was a great year, and we look forward to sharing many more!

Well where did those 3 years go.. I got this message in my email from Tumblr to say my blog had turned 3 yesterday with the little cake and candles. How cute is that. Wow feels like it was only last year when I thought hey it would be fun to start a blog.. So thought hmm how will I celebrate.. Well what about I have my first ever giveaway.. That will be a lot of fun. So what to give away... Well what about one of the inserts that I make for my recycled leather travelers notebook.. I have made a few of these little art journals now and they are just awesome to use..  I make them out of file folders for the cover and it has 16 pages of watercolour paper sewn in. It has a copy of my collage art, collaged on the front some more of my printed random art on the back cut out into circles. He is a cute little blue guy. I cover all the collage with some packing tape so it keeps it clean.. This is what I do for the ones I use myself I find it works really well.


So if you are interested in winning this little art journal.

1. Be a follower of my blog.
2. Pop a comment on this blog post.

Easy hey, so from there I will assign you a number and pop it in the random number generator and see who is the lucky winner. Winner will be drawn on March 17th. Good luck to all.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Inner Voice

Today I just had to get some paint on my hands and in my journal.. I wanted to use my new Dina Wakley Affirmations word stencil and 2 new texture stamps from Kaisercraft that I bought yesterday.. The Kaisercraft stamps are called Arty and Triangles. The background is done with my 2 favourite colours in the DecoArt acrylic paint range, Sea Breeze and Vivid Violet always a great start when you just want to play.. Some doodling to brighten up my flowers that I painted and then added sewing here, there and around the edge and some lace at the top of the page.  So mission accomplished inked new items, got paint on my hands and had some fun..

Going to link this up over at Creative Every day Check in for Feb 23 - Mar 1.

Have a great day
Sandy :) 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Friends are like stars...

I got a new stencil and stamp set of coordinating stars and could not wait to play with it in my art journal.. I also got some Lindy's stamp gang ink sprays.. When I buy something to try out, I always buy it in blue, as its the colour I use the most.. So I sprayed my background in 2 different blues, one has sparkle its so pretty. Then used Tim Holtz distress stain and a blending tool for the background stars.. Grabbed France Papillon's design cube as it has little stars, so stamped them in black.. Then I went back to the stencil and outlined the stars through the stencil onto a Gelli plate acrylic paint print that I had been wanting to use.. I cut them out and stuck them onto my background.. Then well if you follow me you know what I always do next is the fun part, the doodling around the edges of the stars and adding the white Signo pen lines.. I also added little white dots here and there.

I wanted to write something, I nearly printed it out on my computer and that little voice in my head said no, its practice time.. So out came the pen and I wrote the Quote.. Good friends are like stars you don't always see them but you know they're always there. I just had to sew around the edge of it. It does not look finished to me now until I sew around the edges.. 

So to all my friends and followers this one is for you.. :)

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Last year I bought one of Teesha Moore's awesome mystery grab bags of mixed rubber stamps.. I have had such fun stamping them to see what they look like. Sometimes you just cant really see it till you stamp it out.. I saw this was faces but until I stamped it and went woohoo, I just did not know how awesome this one was.. The faces are all in the one stamp but I cut them up separately to make three Artstronauts..
I had this great Gelli print of the purple collaged on the bottom, so added blue circles and spots to match the border at the sides. The collage is some from Teesha Moore and some printed out art from my index cards. The blue bodies of the Artstronauts are from a sheet of collage paper from Jenniebellie.  Her blue border collage made awesome space suits. I added some Zendangles and more white spots and some long reeds to make it a bit more space like. I also drew my own sheet of separate black and white striped arms and legs that I can print out to use on my collage. 
This was done in my Watercolour travelers notebook insert that I made.. It Travels everywhere with me in my handbag and I like to add bits of doodling to the collage here and there. Today I did the black stripey reeds and that's when I thought, think this is done now. One day I may add some words, you just never know but for now I am calling it done. Hope you like my Artstronauts.

Adding this over at Creative Every Day check in for week Feb 16 - 22. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)


Finishing off some pages in my hand made watercolour journal insert that goes in my travelers notebook. I so love playing in this book only about 4 pages left to do and its only a few bits and pieces. This page was just really relaxing with all those spots going here and there.. I saw Teesha Moore do one with lots and spots and thought how cool is that so had to have a go. The top right and the bottom left corners are a very cool Gelli plate print. I just loved the colours that turned up on it..  Adding one of Teesha Moore's cool little characters she showed us how to draw. They just add a fun little element to the page. 

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

DecoArt and colour..

I have some huge news to share with you today. I have been accepted into the DecoArt blogger outreach program. They reach all the way to country Australia. How exciting is that!! 
I am honored to be among all the other wonderful artist there, as part of this awesome program. 

So onto some art. This is No 3 in this years journey with Donna Downey and the Inspiration Wednesday group for 2015.. You will see my pages pop up fortnightly as I follow along.. 

When I saw this weeks video I went woohoo look at all that colour.. So out came my favourite turquoise and pink, so love them with black.. I thought hmm I think this week I might do a canvas to hang on wall, as well as inspiration journal pages..  This was fun all done with my fingers.. (No paintbrush was harmed in the making of these journal pages).. You really do get a feel for the paint that way. This was just so much fun to do. I highly recommend you pop the paintbrush away and get those hands messy even if its just the once. 

The hardest thing about this was deciding where to put the circles of colour or even if I wanted to pop them on there. 
I pressed forward and am happy with the way it finished up..  Quote is 'It's ok to colour outside the lines'..  

I am happy that I did the canvas at the same time.. I really liked that I could practice in my inspiration journal and straight away put what I had done on the canvas. I can see this will not be the last time I do this..  

Have a great day
Sandy :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Listen to your Heart...

Watched Tracy at Mixed Media Monday today and loved the background she created all shades of blue with splatters of white and black.. I don't have black and white acrylic paint mixed up for splatters but I had Dylusions sprays so I used those.. Tracy always says to use what you have.. Andy Skinner was watching today too so thought of all the ways to grunge one of Tracy's heart's up.. So here is what I did for my grungy version.. I got a piece of white cardstock and ran it through my Tim Holtz gear embossing folder. Then painted it red and gently brushed over some black to just highlight the embossing. Added some cardboard wings that had been sitting on my desk they had gone through a different embossing folder of roses. Then it was sticking random gears and letters on it and I used Helmar's Tacky glue and decopage. Then I went all around the pages and over the hearts and gears with my sewing machine.. It's getting harder to take photo's in my journal now it is getting very fat with art.. 

Have a great day 
Sandy :)